Archival Paper Collections Breakdown by Content

This is an in progress breakdown based on the profiles and is not an exhaustive list of an archive’s overall holdings.

AB (Ateneu Barcelonés, Barcelona, Spain)

María Luz Morales personal files

ADBR (Archives Départementales des Bouches-du-Rhône, Marseille, France)

Deliot’s application to Marseille city council to store dangerous materials/“Deliot Renée, quartier Thiers à Marseille: Etablissements classés, demande d’autorisations d’ouverture ou de stockage de produits dangereux: Films (1924 et 1925).” 5M330 e 5M331. 

ADF (Archives Départementales du Finistère)

Archives Départementales du Finistère, Quimper, France

AEA (Actors’ Equity Association)

Actors’ Equity Association, Records 1915-1977. (Texas Guinan)

AFB (American Foundation for the Blind)

Helen Keller Archives.

AFI (American Film Institute, Louis B. Mayer Library)

Motion Picture Scripts

Oral History Transcripts (Anita Loos)

Research Collections

AGB (Colombia) (Archivo General de la Nación, Bogotá, Colombia)

Kathleen Romoli Collection

AMNH (American Museum of Natural History)

Martin Johnson Papers. (Osa Johnson)

AMPAS-OH (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Oral History Program)

An oral history with Margaret Booth.

An oral history with Yvonne Stevens (daughter of Alice Howell)

AMPAS-SC (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Special Collections)

Adolph Zukor Correspondence.

Agnes Christine Johnston and Frank Dazey Papers.

Alfred Hitchcock Papers (Alma Reville)

Alice Guy Blaché Memoirs Transcript.

Alice Terry Scrapbooks.

Allan Dwan Papers.

Allan Dwan scrapbook.

Anita Loos correspondence and notebook

Anita Loos Papers.

Anthony Slide Early American Cinema collection. (Dorothy Arzner, Alice Guy Blaché, Grace Cunard, Helen Gardner, Gene Gauntier, Lillian Gish, Ethel Grandin, Alice Howell, Florence Lawrence, Olga Petrova, Mary Pickford, Dorothy Davenport Reid, Lule Warrenton Lois Weber, Margery Wilson,)

Cecil B. DeMille photographs.

Cecil B. DeMille Pictures Corp. purchase orders, 1927.

Charles G. Clarke collection

Douglas Fairbanks papers

Dwinelle Benthall and Rufus McCosh Scrapbook.

Extant scripts by Mary Murillo [in Core Collections]: The New York Peacock (1917), The Vixen (1916). Part of microfilm series What Women Wrote: Scenarios, 1912-1929. 

Fay Tincher clippings file.

Florence Lawrence Papers.

Frances Marion manuscript, undated.

General Film Company catalog, 1911-1914.

Gladys Hall Papers

Grover Jones Papers.

Harriet Parsons Scrapbooks.

Hedda Hopper papers

Hollywood Museum Collection.

J. Stuart Blackton Material. (Paula Blackton, Marion Blackton Trimble, Mrs. Sidney Drew)

J. Stuart Blackton Papers. (Paula Blackton, Marion Blackton Trimble, Mrs. Sidney Drew)

Jeanie Macpherson scrapbook

Jeanie Macpherson clippings file

Jesse L. Lasky visitor’s book.

Jesse L. Lasky Papers.

Leah Baird clippings file.

Leah Rhodes costume design drawings.

Lenore Coffee clippings file.

Lorna Moon clippings file.

Louella Parsons scrapbooks and photographs.

Mabel Normand Collection.

Mack Sennett Papers.  (Mabel Normand)

Mack Sennett miscellaneous papers

Mae Murray Papers.

Margaret Booth Papers.

Marion Fairfax Papers.

Mary Pickford Papers.

Mary Pickford and United Artists Corporation legal material, 1919-1972.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Accounting Department records, 1917-1969.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Art Department records, 1923-1961.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Legal Department records, 1917-1982.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production and biography photographs, 1921-1973.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer set reference photographs, 1919-1973.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Wardrobe Department records, 1925-1984.

Metro Pictures Corporation cost reports, 1920-1923.

Motion Picture Patents Company / General Film Company collection

Palmer Photoplay Corp. records, 1921-1922.

Paramount Pictures photographs, 1914-1970.

Paramount Pictures press sheets, 1920-1965.

Paramount Pictures Publicity Department miscellaneous correspondence, 1929-1944.

Paramount Pictures scripts, 1912-1980.  (Lois Weber)

Pathé Exchange records

Roland West Papers. (Josephine Lovett)

Rudolph Valentino collection

Ruth Ann Baldwin clippings file.

Scott R. Beal papers, 1911-1957 (Encarnacion Scott)

Silent Film Synopses collection

Thomas H. Ince productions synopses, undated.

Thomas H. Ince productions published synopses, 1917-1918.

Triangle Productions cost sheet, 1916.

Turner/MGM scripts, 1918-1986.

Valeria Belletti Papers, 1924-1929.

Victor Heerman Papers. (Sarah Y. Mason)

Wallace Reid Jr. Papers. (Dorothy Davenport Reid)

William Selig papers. (Hettie Gray Baker, Gene Gauntier, Kathlyn Williams)

AMPAS-Scr (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Script Collection)

Anita Loos scripts.

June Mathis scripts and scenarios.

Lois Weber scripts.

Marion Fairfax scripts.

AO (The Archives of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Entire correspondence between Dorothea Mitchell and various government officials regarding the granting of a homestead are located in the Land File (RG1, C-5, Box 1654, File #8118/85).

ASL-NSW (State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)

Sarah Bernhardt clippings file, Mitchell Library

The Evelyn and Beatrice Tildesley Papers. Mitchell Library 

Film Society of Australia Film Review. May 1933-December 1933. Mitchell Library (Beatrice Maude Tildesley)

ASU (Arizona State University Library, Special Collections)

Jimmy Starr Film History Collection

ATF-CFAL  (Filmarchiv Austria- Central Film Archive Laxenburg)

Historic Film Documents (Carmen Cartellieri)

AUC   (National Film and Sound Archive of Australia)

Agnes Gavins Scripts – Documents and Artifacts Collection

Chauvel, Charles and Elsa, Documentation (press clippings, images).

Copyright registrations. Play scripts (Kate Howard)

Lottie Lyell Documentation (still photographs)

Marilyn Dooley The Sentimental Bloke research papers (Lottie Lyell)

Oral History Collection (Dorothy Gordon)

Original photographs, publicity materials, and production documents for the following: The Romantic Story of Margaret Catchpole (1911), The Fatal Wedding (1911), The Tide of Death (1912), ‘Neath Austral Skies (1913), Australia Calls (1913), Trooper Campbell (1914), The Silence of Dean Maitland (1914), Mutiny of The Bounty (1916), A Maori Maid’s Love, (1916), The Church and the Woman (1917), The Woman Suffers (1918), The Sentimental Bloke (1919), Ginger Mick (1920), Rudd’s New Selection (1921), The Dinkum Bloke (1923), The Blue Mountains Mystery (1921), The Pioneers (1926) (Lottie Lyell)

Raymond Longford Documentation (Lottie Lyell)

The Sentimental Bloke (1919) intertitles script and scenario copy (Lottie Lyell)

Stanley Crick scrapbook – Documents and Artifacts Collection

BAC (Bibliothèque et Archives Canada)

Canadian Moving Picture Digest (1918-1954). Microfilm. (Ray Lewis)

Dorothea Mitchell Collection

BAnQ (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Direction du Centre d’archives de Montréal)

La drogue fatale (1924) synopsis. Fonds G.-Édouard Rinfret, No. MSS58. (Emma Gendron)

BCA (British Columbia Archives,  Royal BC Museum, Victoria, British Columbia)

Letter from C.L. Gordon, Censor of Moving Pictures, to W.B. Colvin, Esq., Chief Clark, Department of Attorney General, May 11, 1914. Attorney-General Files, 4102-15-14. (May Watkis)

BCCHS (Bonanzaville-Cass County Historical Society, West Fargo, North Dakota)

Angela Murray Gibson misc. clippings file

BFI (British Film Institute) 

Extant scripts by Mary Murillo: The Sins Ye Do (1924), A Woman Redeemed (1927)

BFI-SC (British Film Institute, Special Collections)

Adrian Brunel Collection (Alma Reville)

The Black Box Pressbook. (Ruth Ann Baldwin)

The Film Society Collection (Encarnacion Scott, Lotte Reiniger)

Married Love Pressbook (Marie Stopes)

Unpublished script collection (shooting script for A Romance of Seville [1929], S1582)  (Alma Reville)

Yesterday’s Witness. Transcripts (May Clark, Margaret Hepworth)

Small pressbooks for: Monty Works the Wires (1921), Not For Sale (1924), We Women (1925), Confessions (1925), Second to None (1926), London Love/The Whirlpool (1927). (Lydia Hayward)

Digitized stills for: Pillars of Society (1920), Sam’s Boy (1922), The Ware Case (1928), The Last Post (1930). (Lydia Hayward)

Undigitized stills for: Monty Works the Wires, A Bachelor’s Baby (1923), His Grace Gives Notice (1924), We Women, Confessions, The Gold Cure (1926), Every Mother’s Son (1926), Second to None, London Love/The Whirlpool, Somehow Good (1928), Those Who Love/Mary Was Love (1929). (Lydia Hayward)

Shooting script for Those Who Love/Mary Was Love. (Lydia Hayward)

Lotte Reiniger Collection

Cinema Ephemera Collection (Lotte Reiniger)

Basil Wright Collection (Lotte Reiniger)

Personality Ephemera Collection (Lotte Reiniger)

Crown Film Unit Collection (Lotte Reiniger)

Production & Distribution Company Material Collection (Lotte Reiniger)

Thorold Dickinson Collection  (Lotte Reiniger)

Catherine O’Brien archive (references to Leila Lewis)

BGSU   (Bowling Green State University)

Anthony Slide Collection.

Gish Film Theater Collection.

BIFI (Bibliothèque du Film, Cinémathèque Française, Paris, France.)

Fonds Louis Gaumont. (Alice Guy Blaché)

Fonds Musidora

Fonds Georges Méliès (Georgette Méliès)

Fonds Albatros (Lucie Derain)

Fonds Albatros, Fonds Henri Fescourt, Fonds Yves Kovaks, Fonds Robert Lachenay (Eliane Tayar)

Fonds Commission de Recherche Historique/Committee on Historical Research Collection (Christiane Mendelys)

Fonds Jean et Marie Epstein (Marguerite Viel)

Pierre Gaut Collection (letters from Marguerite Houllé-Renoir and Jean Renoir to producer Pierre Gaut).

Photographies de personnalité. “Marguerite Viel.”

BL-SC (British Library)

Marie Stopes Papers

BMCF (Bibliothèque-Musée de la Comédie-Française, Paris, France)

Miscellaneous visual materials (paintings, photographs). (Sarah Bernhardt)

BNCF (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, Italy)

..Bolscevismo??, fasc., Roma: Stampa Sansaini, no date. Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, S.9191, ufficio gruppi, cartella “cinema”, 1. (Daisy Sylvan)

Sovrana, fasc., Stampa Sansaini, Roma, no date. Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, S.9191, ufficio gruppi, cartella “cinema”, 1. (Daisy Sylvan)

BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, France)

Départment des Arts du Spectacle, Départment des Audiovisuels, Départment des Estampes et de la Photographie, Départment des Imprimés, Départment des Manuscrits.  (Sarah Bernhardt)

Fonds Rondel (Lucie Derain)

Various journals and periodicals relating to Eliane Tayar

Bibliothèque de l’Opéra, Fonds Georges Wague (Christiane Mendelys)

Scenario for La Légende de la fileuse (1908) (Christiane Mendelys)

BRS (Cinemateca Brasileira de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil)

Paulo Emilio Salles Gomes archive. (Cleo de Verberena)

Pedro Lima archive. (Cleo de Verberena)

Prado, José Maria do. Memórias do cinema paulista: 1896-1981. Unpublished  typed manuscript. 1981. (Cleo de Verberena) 

BSU (Boise State University)

Nell Shipman Papers, 1892-1971.

BU-CC (Boston University, Contemporary Collections)

Anita Loos Collection.

Anzia Yezierska Collection.

Mary Manning Collection.

BU-ML (Boston University, Muger Library)

Edmund Schiddel Collection. (Iris Barry)

BUG  (University of Ghent)

Dossier Musidora

Fonds Johan Daisne (Musidora)

BYU (Brigham Young University)

Bosley Crowther Papers.

Cecil B. DeMille Archives. (Anne Bauchens, Clara Beranger, Ouida Bergere, Lenore Coffee, Beatrice deMille, Beulah Marie Dix, Marion Fairfax, Elinor Glyn, Julia Crawford Ivers, Josephine Lovett, Jeanie Macpherson, Elizabeth McGaffey, Lorna Moon, Louella Parsons, Olga Printzlau, Gladys Rosson, Margaret Turnbull, Eve Unsell, Clare West)

Cecil B. DeMille Photographs, ca. 1900s-1950s

Frederica Sagor Maas Papers.

CHM (Chicago History Museum)

John Rudolph Freuler papers (Encarncion Scott)

Prints and Photograph’s collection–film companies (Encarncion Scott)

CHS (Connecticut Historical Society)

Hettie Gray Baker letters, 1946, 1951.

CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, Paris, France)

Fonds Méliès (Georgette Méliès)

COR-CKL (Cornell University,  Carl A. Kroch Library, Ithaca, NY)

Wharton Releasing Corporation Records, ca 1916-1923. (Ellen O’Mara Sullivan)

Wyndham Lewis Papers (Rare and Manuscript Collections) (Iris Barry).

CSA (Croatian State Archives)

Fotografska kolekcija hrvatskog filma/Photographic Collection of Croatian Film (Marija Jurić Zagorka)

CU (Columbia University)

Women Film Pioneers Project files.

CUOHRO (Columbia University, Oral History Research Office)

Hollywood Film Industry Oral History Project

Reminiscences of Adela Rogers St. Johns.

Reminiscences of Anita Loos.

Popular Arts Oral History Project

Reminiscences of Anita Loos.

Reminiscences of Basil Rathbone.   (Ouida Bergere)

Reminiscences of Cecil B. De Mille.

Reminiscences of Frances Marion.

Reminiscences of Gloria Swanson.

Reminiscences of Lillian Gish.

Reminiscences of Louella Oettinger Parsons.

Reminiscences of Mae Murray.

Reminiscences of Mary Pickford.

Reminiscences of Sessue Hayakawa.(Tsuru Aoki, Margeret Turnbull)

DCA (Dublin City Archive, Dublin, Ireland)

Jimmy O’Dea Collection. Irish Theatre Archive. (Ellen O’Mara Sullivan)

DCL (Dartmouth College Library, Rauner Special Collections Library)

Juliet Barrett Rublee Papers, 1915-1939.

DCM (Dublin Civic Museum, Dublin, Ireland)

Irish Theatre Archive. Shelah Richards Collection (Mary Manning)

DEW (Deutsches Filminstitut)

Lotte Reiniger Silhouette Artwork and Primrose Productions Deposit Files

DKK (Danish Film Institute)

Asta Nielsen Collection

Emilie Sannom folder

Nordisk Film Collection (Harriet Bloch)

DPL (Detroit Public Library, Skillman Branch)

Aloha Baker Collection. National Automotive History Collection.

FIH (National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI), Helsinki, Finland)

Photograph of Gerda Hintze and Carl Von Haartman on the set of Kajastus (1930) in 1929. 

Kajastus clippings file (Gerda Hintze)

Scripts for Kajastus (Gerda Hintze)

Lisa. Undated synopsis (Gerda Hinze)

Juha Seitajärvi Collection (Kajastus programmes) (Gerda Hintze)

Työn sankarilaulu clippings file (Katri Viita)

Työn sankarilaulu film programme (Katri Viita) 

Työn sankarilaulu script (Katri Viita)

FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY)

Lady Duff Gordon. Lucile sketches, 1915-1925

GBHFA (Huntley Film Archives)

Large collection of original artwork and notebooks relating to Lotte Reiniger [uncatalogued]

GBI (Imperial War Museums, United Kingdom)

Photographic materials relating to Jessica Elvira Borthwick

GBKRBG   (Archives of the Royal Botanic Gardens)

D. H. Scott Collection (Henderina Victoria Scott)

GBNA  (The National Archives, United Kingdom)

Board of Trade Files of Dissolved Companies (Encarnacion Scott)

Femina Films, Company Records. Board of Trade: Companies Registration Office: Files of Dissolved Companies (Enid Lorimer)

Home Office Files. HO45/20045. (Elinor Glyn’s film Three Weeks [1924]).

Home Office Papers (Marie Stopes)

Production files General Post Office Film Unit and Crown Film Unit Films (Lotte Reiniger)

GBNMM  (The National Media Museum, United Kingdom)

Charles Urban Papers (Ada Aline Urban)

National Cinematography Collection (Lotte Reiniger)

GEH (George Eastman Museum)

Stills, Posters and Paper Collection

GML (Glesca Marshall Library, Springer Opera House)

Alla Nazimova Papers. (Also: June Mathis, Natacha Rambova)

GSHC  (Surrey History Centre)

Estate of Dukinfield H. Scott (Henderina Victoria Scott)

HH (Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum, Research Collections)

The Rose Wilder Lane Collection. (Bradley King)

HL (Huntington Library)

Papers of Jack London, 1866-1977. (Hettie Gray Baker)

Papers of Sonya Levien, 1908-1960. (Also: Dorothy Arzner, Zoë Akins)

Papers of Zoë Akins, 1878-1959. (Also: Anita Loos, Sonya Levien)

HMSF (Historical Museum of Southern Florida)

Ruth Bryan Owen letters.

HU (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA)

Harvard Theatre Collection. (Sarah Bernhardt)

HUL (Harvard University Library, Cambridge, MA)

Helen Howe Papers (Mary Manning).

Poets’ Theatre Records (Mary Manning)

IED-TML (Irish Film Archive, Tiernan McBride Library, Dublin, Ireland)

Guests of the Nation clippings file. (Mary Manning)

Knocknagow clippings file (Ellen O’Mara Sullivan)

Irish Industry clippings file. (Mary Manning)

Paper Collections (Ellen O’Mara Sullivan, Frances Baker Farrell, Lettice Ramsey,  and Maírín Hayes)

Willy Reilly and His Colleen Bawn clippings file.  (Ellen O’Mara Sullivan)

Paper Collections (Mrs. M.T. Pender)

ITT (Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino, Italy)

Monographs, periodicals (preserved by Biblioteca Mario Gromo). (Fabienne Fabrèges)

Carteggio UCI-Itala Film, no date. Archivio Museo del Cinema di Torino, fasc. 171/27. (Daisy Sylvan)

Atlas script, n.d. Typescript with handwritten notes. 47 ff. A171/28. (Renée Deliot)

IU-BFCA (Indiana University, Black Film Center/Archive)

African American Contributions to Film Collection

IU-LLMC (Indiana University, The Lilly Library Manuscript Collections)

John Ford Papers. (Hettie Gray Baker)

Lorna Moon Collection

Zanuck Collection.

JMK (The Museum of Kyoto)

Tazuko Sakane files

KSHS (Kansas State Historical Society)

Martin and Osa Johnson Papers 1933-1934.

LOC (Library of Congress)

Canadian DramasUnpublished 1906-1942 microfilm series (“In Shadow Land: A Fairy Play in Four Acts,” “The Other Woman: A Modern Comedy-Drama in Four Acts,” “All Men Are Liars: Satirical Drama in Four Acts,” “All Women Are Liars: One Act Drama”). (Ray Lewis)

Silent Film Music on Microfilm. [Microfilm available: MUSIC 3236 & MUSIC 3212, which contains “Storm at Sea”]. Music Division (Alice Smythe Jay)

LHL (Linen Hall Library, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Irish Periodicals (Mrs. M.T. Pender)

LOC-MD (Library of Congress, Manuscript Division)        

Eva Le Gallienne Papers, 1875-1993.  (Alla Nazimova)

George Kleine Papers, 1886-1946.  (Ethel Grandin, Alice Guy Blaché)

Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton Papers.

Lillian Gish Papers, 1920-1978.

Lucy Kroll Papers, 1908-1998.  (Lillian Gish)

Nazimova Collection, 1877-1988.  (Also: June Mathis, Natacha Rambova)

Natacha Rambova Papers.

Thomas H. Ince Papers, 1913-1964. (Dorothy Davenport Reid, Bradley King)

LOC-MBRS (Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcast and Recorded Sound)

Copyright Collection (Elvira Notari)

The Forgotten Frontier production notebook (Marvin Breckinridge)

LOC-CPRR  (Library of Congress, Copyright Public Records Reading Room)

Cumulative Catalogs of Motion Picture Entries (Elvira Notari)

LOC-PP (Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division)

The Mary Marvin Breckinridge Patterson Collection

MAD (Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France)

Service de Documentation. (Sarah Bernhardt)

MCNY (Museum of the City of New York, New York, NY)

Miscellaneous visual materials (paintings, photographs). (Sarah Bernhardt)

MFCT  (Fundación Carmen Toscano)

Archivo Histórico Cinematográfico (Carmen Toscano)

MHS (Montana Historical Society)

MacLane Family Papers, 1995-1929. (Mary MacLane)

MO (Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France)

Service de Documentation. (Sarah Bernhardt)

MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, Celeste Bartos International Film Study Center)

Bessie Barriscale clippings file.

D.W. Griffith Papers, 1872-1969. (Lillian Gish)

Gilbert M. “Broncho Billy” Anderson clippings file

Hilliker-Caldwell Collection. (Katharine Hilliker)

Iris Barry Papers

Fonds Merritt Crawford (Georgette Méliès)

Roberta Blaché Collection. (Alice Guy Blaché)

Sarah Bernhardt clippings file.

Stella Simon. Photography bio file.

Thomas Brandon Papers. (Nancy Naumburg)

Thomas H. Ince Collection.

NAA (National Archives of Australia)

Copyright Collection (Carolina Pugliese)

Bound printed copy of Minutes of Evidence of the Royal Commission on the Moving Picture Industry in Australia, 1926-1928. (Beatrice Maude Tildesley)

Original film scenarios, including high quality still photographs of the following: Mutiny of the Bounty (1916), The Church and the Woman (1917), and The Woman Suffers (1918) (Lottie Lyell)

NAI (National Archives of Ireland)

Dublin Records Office (Ellen O’Mara Sullivan)

NAMCA  (Arthur Melbourne-Cooper Archive, Rotterdam)

Tape Recordings (Jackeydawra Melford)

NAN (The National Archives of Norway, Oslo, Norway)

Letters to the Department of Justice from Fernanda Nissen from 21 August, 1917 and November 8, 1919. The State Archive, File M-0093: The State Censorship Board 1913-1919. M/0093 State Film Control 1913-1919. 

NARA (The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)

New York, New York Passenger and Crew Lists, 1909, 1925-1957. Microfilm publication T715. (Edna Williams)

Edna Williams passport application, 1924. “United States Passport Applications, 1795-1925,” Passport Applications, January 2, 1906-March 31, 1925; microfilm publications M1490 and M1372.

NDSU (North Dakota State University)

Angela Murray Gibson Collection

NESFM (Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum)

Josephine Rector scrapbook.

NFA  (Národní filmový archiv-Knihovna/National Film Archive- Library)

NFAJ (National Film Archive of Japan)

Periodicals, films, pamphlets, photos, ephemera, archival documents, and books related to Kinuyo Tanaka. [Other institutions that hold similar materials on Tanaka: Kawakita Memorial Film Institute/Kawakita kinen eiga bunka zaidan/川喜多記念映画文化財団 (KMFI); Tanaka Kinuyo Cultural Museum/Tanaka Kinuyo Bunka-kan/田中絹代ぶんか館 (TKB); Musée du Cinema/Cinémathèque Française.]

NFA-OPA  (Národní filmový archiv- Oddělení písemných archiválií/National Film Archive-Dept. of Written Records)

Sbírka zvukových dokumentů (The Collection of Sound Documents) (Thea Červenkova)

NHMLAC (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County)

Florence Lawrence Papers, 1904-1930.

Florence Turner scrapbooks, 1910-1928.

J. Stuart Blackton Collection on Vitagraph Company of America.

NLA (Eye Film Institute)

Archief Adriënne Solser en Lien D’Oliveyra.

NLI (National Library of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland)

James O’Mara Papers (Ellen O’Mara Sullivan)

Liam Ó Laoghaire Archive [currently re-cataloguing]. (Mary Manning, Frances Baker Farrell, Lettice Ramsey)

Norris Davidson file. Liam O’Laoghaire Archives. (Mary Manning)

Ria Mooney Papers, 1917-1983. Manuscript Room. (Mary Manning)

NLN (National Library of Norway, Oslo, Norway)

Film Documentation Division. (Fernanda Nissen)

Handwriting Collection (letters from Fernanda Nissen to Norwegian cultural elite).

Newspaper Clippings Archive. (Fernanda Nissen)

Film Documentation Division  (Gurly Drangsholt)

NLS-SSA   (Scottish Screen Archives, National Library of Scotland)

Jenny Brown papers (Jenny Gilbertson)

Janet McBain papers (Jenny Gilbertson)

Marion Grierson Taylor papers (Jenny Gilbertson)


NMA (Norwegian Media Authority, Fredrikstad, Norway)

Censorship cards (from 1913 forward). Films that Fernanda Nissen accepted with or without cuts. [note: censorship cards from 1913 on that Fernanda Nissen prohibited have been digitized by the Norwegian Media Authority:]

NMI   (National Museum of Ireland)

Liam O’Leary Archive (May Clark)

NRO (Norfolk Record Office, Norwich UK)

Extant script by Mary Murillo: A Woman Redeemed (1927).

NU (Northeastern University, Boston, MA)

Dublin Gate Theatre Archive (Mary Manning)

NYPL-BRTD  (New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Billy Rose Theatre Division

Anita Loos Papers, 1917-1981.

Canadian Moving Picture Digest (1918-1954). Microfilm. (Ray Lewis)

Chamberlain and Lyman Brown Papers, 1849 – 1961.  (Elizabeth Grimball)

Correspondence from Lillian Gish, 1962-1986.

Fay Tincher clippings file.

Helen Hayes correspondence with Anita Loos.

Jane Cowl Papers, 1884-1949.  (Jane Murfin)

Lillian Gish letters and ephemera, 1936-1991.

Lillian Gish Papers and sound recordings, 1909-1992.  (Also: Mary Pickford)

Maude Adams Collection

Salomé lobby cards.  (Alla Nazimova)

Sarah Bernhardt clippings file.

Robinson Locke Collection, 1870-1920.  (Marie Dressler scrapbook, Alla Nazimova scrapbook, Olga Petrova scrapbook, Mary Pickford scrapbook, Norma Talmadge scrapbook) (Lady Duff Gordon) (Cissy Fitzgerald)

NYPL-JRDD (New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center, Jerome Robbins Dance Division)

Agnes de Mille Collection, ca. 1914-1984.  (Clara Beranger)

NYPL-SASB (New York Public Library, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building)

National Board of Review of Motion Pictures records, 1907-1971. (Lois Weber)

William C. De Mille Papers, 1899-1940. (Clara Beranger, Lenore Coffee, Beulah Marie Dix)

Clippings of her newspaper column Texas Guinan Says 1930-1931.

NYSA (New York State Archives)

Film Scripts from Case Files of the Motion Picture Division (Elvira Notari)

NYSHA (New York State Historical Association)

B. Albert Cook Papers

OL-BFC (Ohioana Library, Biographic Files Collection)

George Randolph Chester material. (Mrs. George Randolph Chester)

PAM (Performing Arts Museum, Melbourne)

Theatre programme collection (Kate Howarde)

PPMBA (Petite Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, Paris, France)

Service de Documentation. (Sarah Bernhardt)

PTL (Cinemateca Portuguesa- Museu do Cinema)

Ayres d’Aguiar. Memórias dos meus tempos de cinema. Primeira parte (de 1923 até 10 de Maio de 1949 e cinco páginas de seguimento até ter deixado o cinema). Typed manuscript. Centro de Documentação (Virgínia de Castro e Almeida)

PUL-MC (Princeton University Library, Manuscript Collection)

Film Stills Collection, 1908-1986

Warner Bros. Screenplays, 1928-1969

William C. and Cecil B. De Mille Collection, 1913-circa 1940

Yeandle Collection of Film Star Photographs, 1918-1949

Zelda Fitzgerald Papers, 1900-1948. (Margaret Turnbull)

RCNA (Royal College of Nursing Archives)

The British Journal of Nursing (Dorothea Baird)

RFA (Rockefeller Family Archives)

Archival materials relating to Iris Barry

RGALI (Russian State Archive of Literature and Art)

Fund Esfir’ I. Shub (no. 3035)

Letters of Nina Agadzhanova-Shutko to Sergei Eisenstein. Fonds 1923 (Eisenstein Collection), inventory list 1, file 1596; inventory list 2, file 1785.

“Lev Vladimirovich Kuleshov i Aleksandra Khokhlova.” F. 2679.

“Minutes of the 8th Meeting of the Commission for the re-registration of members of ARK, August 14, 1926”/Protokol № 8 zasedaniia Komissii po pereregistratsii chlenov ARK ot 14/VIII – 26.” Fonds 2494, inventory list 1, file 47 (Ol’ga Rakhmanova)

Personal File 1236. Rakhmanova Ol’ga Vladimirovna. Fonds 675. Inventory list 2, file 522.

RGARF (State Archive of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

Agadzhanova Nina Ferdinandovna. Fonds R1815

RMA (Royal Mail Archive, London, United Kingdom)

Files relating to General Post Office Film Unit (Lotte Reiniger)

RUL-SC (Reading University Library, Special Collections, Reading, England)

Papers of Elinor Glyn

RUR (Russian State Film Archive)

Khanzhonkov, A.A. Pervye gody russkoi kinopromyshlennosti/The First Years of Russian Film Industry. Research fonds. Veniamin Vishnevskii Collection, folder 25. (Ol’ga Rakhmanova)

SAR-NSW (State Archives and Records Office, New South Wales)

The Sentimental Bloke (1919) original film scenario (Lottie Lyell)

SC (Smith College, The Sophia Smith Collection)

Juliet Barrett Rublee Papers, 1917-1955.

Margaret Sanger Papers, 1761-1995.  (Juliet Barrett Rublee)

SES (Swedish Film Institute, Stockholm, Sweden)

Collection of title card originals (Alva Lundin)

Collection of material from Lundins Ritbyrå (Alva Lundin)

Systrarna film script. Script collection (Anna Hofman-Uddgren)

SF (The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum)

Johnson Archival Collection.

SHSND (State Historical Society of North Dakota)

Angela Murray Gibson Collection

SI (Smithsonian Institution)

National Anthropological Archives, Human Studies Film Archives (Aloha Wanderwell Baker)

ST (Stadtmuseum Tübingen)

Lotte Reiniger Personal Estate Collection

SU (Stanford University, Special Collections & University Archives)

Stark, Samuel. Theatre scrapbook Collection, 1860-1950. (Marie Dressler, Lillian Gish,

Margaret Mayo, Alla Nazimova, Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson, Constance Talmadge, Norma Talmadge)

SUNY-B (State University of New York- Buffalo)

Poetry Collection (Iris Barry)

SUNY-PCL   (State University of New York – Purchase College Libray)

Macdonald Film Stills Collection (Louise Lovely)

TBHMS (Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)

Dorothea Mitchell File. 

Fred Cooper Collection (Dorothea Mitchell).

TC (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)

Denis Johnston Papers (Mary Manning, Máirín Hayes).

TENHP (Thomas Edison National Historical Park)

Gaumont file. (Alice Guy Blaché)

UAL (University of Arkansas Libraries)

Lighton Family Papers. (Hope Loring)

UC  (University of Calgary, Archives and Special Collections)

Winnifred Eaton Reeve Fonds

UCB-BL (University of California, Berkeley, The Bancroft Library)

Gertrude Atherton, family, and celebrated friends: oral history transcript / 1981.

Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton letters, 1915-1937, to Charlotte Rudyard Hallowell.

Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton Papers: additions.

Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton Collection of Papers [ca. 1917-1948].

UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)

Extant scripts by Mary Murillo: The Little Gypsy (1915), Ambition (1916), A Parisian Romance (1916), The Vixen (1916), The Bitter Truth (1917), Love’s Law (1917), Sister Against Sister (1917), Two Little Imps (1917). 

UCLA-SC (University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Special Collections)

Albert E. Smith Papers, 1879-1933. (Marguerite Bertsch)

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Motion Picture Scripts, 1924-1954.

Motion Picture Patents Company.

Motion Pictures and Televisions Interviews, 1961-1970. (Dorothy Arzner)

Oral history of the motion picture in America oral history transcripts

ReCollections of Ben Carré oral history transcript. (Clara Kimball Young)

Rob Wagner Papers, 1925-1942. (Gloria Swanson, Mary Pickford, Louella Parsons)

Russell Birdwell papers, 1915-1951.  (Mabel Condon)

W. W. Hodkinson Papers

Zoë Akins Papers, 1915-1958.

UCLA-PASC: (University of California, Performing Arts Special Collections)

Collection of Motion Picture Lobby Cards, 1913-.

Collection of Motion Picture Presskits, 1921-.

Collection of Motion Picture Programs and Publicity-Related Ephemera, 1915-;

Collection of Motion Picture Scripts, 1921-.

Collection of Motion Picture Stills, 1903-.

Dorothy Arzner Collection of personal photographs, correspondence, and clippings 1920s- 1970s.

Dorothy Arzner Papers.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Architectural Set Plans for Motion Picture Productions, 1917-1950.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Motion Picture Scripts, 1924-1954.

Paramount Pictures Corporation Stills, 1920s-1940s.

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. Studio Collection, 1922-1956.

Twentieth Century Fox Collection

UM (University of Miami)

Carrie Dunlap Papers. Ruth Bryan Owen (Rhode)

UM-SCL (University of Michigan, Special Collections Library)

W. Somerset Maugham Collection, 1905-1962. (Sada Cowan)

UNC-NCC (University of North Carolina, North Carolina Collection)

Lost Colony Papers (Elizabeth B. Grimball)

UOL-WHC (University of Oklahoma Libraries, Western History Collections)

B. M. Bower Papers

UP-RB&ML (University of Pennsylvania, Rare Books & Manuscript Library)

Correspondence file, 1928-1930, from Boni & Liveright and Horace Liveright, Inc.

(Gertrude Atherton)

UR-RCL (University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries, Rochester NY)

Extant scripts by Mary Murillo: The New York Peacock (1917), The Vixen (1916). Part of microfilm series What Women Wrote: Scenarios, 1912-1929

US-SC (University of Stirling, Special Collections)

John Grierson Archive

USC-CAL (University of Southern California, Cinematic Arts Library)

20th Century-Fox Set Stills Collection

Anthony Slide Collection.

Cecil B. De Mille Collection.

Cinema-Television Photo Archive Stills Collection.

Frances Marion Collection.

Hollywood Museum Collection

Stills/Lobby Cards Collection.

Louella Parsons Collection.

MGM Collection

MGM Film Scripts

MGM Production Department Files

Motion Picture Patent Materials

Paramount Studio Collection

Pressbook Collection

Universal Collection

William C. DeMille Collection. (Clara Beranger)

Warner Bros. Archives. (Lenore Coffee, Agnes Christine Johnston, Corinne Griffith, Bess Meredyth)

USC-RHC (University of Southern California, Regional History Collections)

Hearst Collection – Los Angeles Examiner, Los Angeles Express. (Lois Weber)

USU-SC&A (Utah State University, Special Collections & Archives)

Jack London Book Collection. (Hettie Gray Baker)

UT-HRC (University of Texas-Austin, Harry Ransom Center)

Gloria Swanson Papers. (Frances Marion, Norma Talmadge)

Josephine Burnett Collection (Hazel Burnett)

Wyndham Lewis and John Widdicombe Collections (Iris Barry)

Sarah Bernhardt Collection

UW-AHC (University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center)

Allan Dwan papers

Essanay Film Manufacturing Co. Motion Pictures, 1909-1917

Ethel Grandin Papers, 1914-1971.

Mack Sennett Papers, 1923-1940

Margery Wilson Papers, 1914-1978.

Olga Petrova Papers, 1918-1976.

Sonya Levien scripts, 1939-1954.

Wanda Tuchock Papers, 1898-1975.

VATPA (Victoria & Albert Theatre and Performance Arts Archive)

Dorothea Baird: Theatre Museum Biographical File. Biog Baird Box 53.

Laurence Irving Gift, [1882?]-1970. THM/39. (Dorothea Baird)

Princess Clementina” Queen’s Theatre 1910 Production File.  (Dorothea Baird)

Photo file/ Baird, Dorothea Trilby/Haymarket/His Majesty 1903

VC (Vassar College)

Mary Marvin Breckinridge Patterson Collection. Multiple Collections, Box 1, Special Collections

VGIK (Archive of the State Russian Institute of Cinematography, Moscow, Russia)

Personal file. Agadzhanova Nina Ferdinandovna. [held in actual archive, not research collections].

WAMA (The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, CT)

A. Everett Austin Papers (Iris Barry).

WGF (Writers Guild Foundation, Los Angeles, CA)

Mary H. O’Connor Collection.

WHSL (Wisconsin Historical Society Library)

United Artists Corporation Collection. (Mary Pickford, Bess Meredyth, Gloria Swanson)

WL (Wellcome Library, London)

Marie Stopes Collection.

YU-B (Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library)

Alan Porter papers (Iris Barry)

Carl Van Vechten papers

H. D. Papers (Eslanda Robeson)

Photograph File of Close Up Magazine

Other [not listed on Archival Paper Collection page)

Archivo General de la Administración. Fondo Medios de Comunicación Social del Estado. Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte. (Helena Cortesina images)

Museo Sorolla, Madrid, Spain. Correspondence between Cortesina family and Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (Helena Cortesina)

Sasha Collection. Hulton Archive, Getty Images (Leila Lewis)


Digitized Paper Collections/Online Databases:

Amateur Movie Database [online database], University of Calgary. 

The British Newspaper Archive [online database].

Centro de Estudios Migratorios Latinoamericanos [Center for Latin American Migratory Studies] [online database].

Chinese Periodicals Database for the Republican Period 1911-1949 (民国时期期刊全文数据库) (Fan Xuepeng)

Importing Asta Nielsen Database [online database], Deutsches Filminstitut.

Irish Newspaper Archives [online database].

Silent Film Sound & Music Archive [digital database].