Dot Farley
Dorothea Farley
Dorothy Farley
While Dot (Dorothy) Farley is most often identified as a comedic actress, she also seems to have written and directed films.
DOB: 02/06/1881

Dot Farley

February 6, 1881 - May 2, 1971
Also Known As:
Dorothea Farley, Dorothy Farley
Worked as:
director, film actress, musical comedy actress, scenario writer, screenwriter
Worked In:
United States
by April Miller

While Dot (Dorothy) Farley is most often identified as a comedic actress, she also seems to have written and directed films. Anthony Slide notes that Farley asserted in a 1923 Illustrated World article that she both wrote and directed dramas and comedies. He thinks that she may not have worked as a director for Mack Sennett’s Keystone Company. She may have directed and written shorts for another company in the first two decades (Slide 1996, 121). Born in Chicago, Illinois, Dot Farley began her acting career at the age of three, and was reportedly featured in a number of stage productions including an E. A. MacDowell Company production of “Wedding Bells,” appearing as “Chicago’s Little Dot” (Waddell III4). A Los Angeles Times 1924 career overview tells us that she continued to work with a Chicago comic-opera company until her voice failed in 1910, at which time she accepted an offer to star in comedy shorts for the Essanay Company (B26).

Dot Farley (a/w), NYPL

Dot Farley (a/w/d). NYPL

Farley is perhaps best known as one of the earliest members of Mack Sennett’s Keystone comedy troupe, where she developed the trademark facial and bodily distortions that the Atlanta Constitution described as “A Face to Fit Everyone Occasion” (B11). Although she left Keystone after a few years of work, she occasionally returned to play such roles as Ben Turpin’s cross-eyed mother in A Small Town Idol (1921). In 1913, she left the Pathé Company to join the St. Louis Motion Picture Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She then moved to Universal in 1915, where she worked in many Luna Company productions including The Near Capture of Jesse James (1915), playing the role of a girl who, inspired by dime Western novels, puts on men’s clothing to live the life of a bandit. Farley continued to have a reputation for playing adventurous roles well into the late silent period. Newspapers reported on her ability to fool cast members and strangers with her disguises and, testimony to her indefatigability, she returned to work the day after sustaining minor burns while filming Listen Lester (1924) for the Sacramento Picture Company. Although she is most well-known for her comedic work during the silent period, Farley was cast in the sound period, starring in a series of domestic comedies at the Radio Keith Orpheum Company, in Cecil B. DeMille’s King of Kings (1927), and taking bit parts in Val Lewton’s Cat People (1942) and Preston Sturges’s Hail the Conquering Hero (1944).

Lantern slide Border Intrigue (1925), Dot Farley (a). CPLDG

Although Dot Farley receives official writing credit for only a handful of films, newspaper reports and fan magazines frequently describe her as a prolific scenario writer. In 1913, A. G. Waddell reported that Farley had written a large portion of the scenarios produced by the St. Louis Company that appeared under the Warner Brothers brand, and, in addition, wrote Western stories for other companies (III4). So widely recognized was Farley as the primary scenario writer of the Albuquerque Film Company that in his 1915 directory for would-be script writers, William Reno Kane proclaimed that venue “essentially closed,” explaining that “experienced scenario writer” Dot Farley “supplies most of the scripts that are used” by the company (230). By 1924, a Los Angeles Times report claimed that Farley had “some 300 produced scenarios” to her credit (A9), and in his study of female directors, Anthony Slide claims Dot Farley “tried her hand at directing” a few years after Mabel Normand directed her first pictures (1996). Though the FIAF Treasures database only shows her as credited for acting, it may be possible that Farley played a more substantial role behind the scenes as writer and conceivably even producer (“Another” A9). Perhaps Dot Farley’s reputation as a strictly comedic actor also prevented her behind-the-camera work from being taken seriously and fully recorded for posterity.

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A. Archival Filmography: Extant Titles:

1. Dot Farley as Actress

At the Basket Picnic. Dir.: Dell Henderson (Biograph US 1912) cas.: Eddie Dillion, W. Christy Cabanne, Charles West, Dot Farley, si, b&w. Archive: USM.

The Bangville Police. Prod.: Mack Sennett, dir.: Henry Lehrman (Keystone Film Co. US 1913) cas.: Mabel Normand, Fred Mace, Nick Cogley, Dot Farley, the Keystone Cops, si, b&w, 35mm. Archive: ITG, USW, USM, USL, USB, FRL.

Fatty Joins the Force. Dir.: George Nicholls, sc.: Mack Sennett (Keystone Film Co. US 1913) cas.: Fatty Arbuckle, Dot Farley, Minta Durfee, the Keystone Cops, si, b&w, 35mm. Archive: ROB, ITG, ESM, DEK, USF, USR, CAQ, FRL.

Miss Fairweather Out West. (Universal Frontier Co. US 1913) cas.: Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm, 1 reel. Archive : USW.

Peeping Pete. Dir.: Mack Sennett (Keystone Film Co. US 1913) cas.: Fatty Arbuckle, Mack Sennett, Nick Cogley, Dot Farley, si, b&w. Archive: FRL.

The Paper Hanger’s Revenge/Poor Rich Cleaners. Dir. Allen Curtis, sc.: W.W. Schoene (Clover Comedies US 1918) cas.: Bud Duncan, Dot Farley, Kewpie Morgan, si, b&w, 35mm, 1 reel. Archive: USW.

Rip Roaring Rivals. Dir. Allen Curtis. (Clover Comedies US 1918) cas.: Bud Duncan, Dot Farley, Kewpie Morgan, si, b&w, 35mm. Archive: NOO.

An Arabian Nightmare. (Vin Moore Productions US 1920) cas.: Eunice Murdock, Dot Farley, Hughie Mack, si, b&w, 35mm. Archive: FRL.

A Small Town Idol. Dir.: Erle C. Kenton (Sennett Comedies US 1921) cas.: Ben Turpin, Marie Prevost, Dot Farley, James Finlayson, Phyllis Haver, Bert Roach, si, b&w, 16mm, 7 reels. Archive: USR, USM, RUR, FRL.

Bright Eyes. Prod.:/sc.: Mack Sennett, dir.: Roy Del Ruth, Malcolm St. Clair (Mack Sennett Comedies US 1922) cas.: Ben Turpin, Billy Bevan, Phyllis Haver, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm, 2 reels. Archive: USW, AUC.

The Acquittal. Dir.: Clarence Brown (Universal Pictures Corp. US 1923) cas.: Claire Windsor, Norman Kerry, Richard Travers, Barbara Bedford, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm, 7 reels; 6523 ft. Archive: USW.

Tea: With a Kick! Dir.: Erle C. Kenton (Victor Halperin Productions US 1923) cas.: Doris May, Creighton Hale, Ralph Lewis, Rosemary Thelby, Stuart Holmes, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 6 reels. Archive: USR.

The Enemy Sex. Dir.: James Cruze (Famous Players-Lasky US 1924) cas.: Betty Compson, Percy Marmont, Sheldon Lewis, Kathlyn Williams, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm, 8 reels; 7,919 ft. Archive: USW.

The Fatal Mistake. Dir.: Scott Dunlap (Perfection Pictures US 1924) cas.: William Fairbanks, Eva Novak, Wilfred Lucas, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm, 5 reels. Archive: USW.

Listen Lester. Dir.: William Seiter, sc.: Louise Milestone (Sacramento Pictures US 1924) cas.: Dot Farley, si, b&w, 16mm, 6 reels; 6,242 ft. Archive: USB.

Picking Peaches. Dir.: Erle C. Kenton (Mack Sennett Comedies US 1924) cas.: Harry Langdon, Alberta Vaughn, Ethel Teare, Dot Farley, Kewpie Morgan, si, b&w, 16mm, 1700 ft. Archive: ITG, GBB, USL, FRL.

The Signal Tower. Dir.: Clarence Brown, sc.: James O. Spearing (Universal Pictures US 1924) cas.: Virginia Valli, Rockliffe Fellowes, Wallace Beery, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 16mm, 7 reels; 6,714 ft. Archive: USL.

So Big (trailer). Dir.: Charles Brabin (First National Pictures, Inc. US 1924) cas.: Colleen Moore, Joseph De Grasse, John Bowers, Ben Lyon, Wallace Beery, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm. Archive: USW.

Lure of the Track. Dir.: J.P. McGowan (Charles Makranzy Productions US 1925) cas.: Sheldon Lewis, Maclyn Arbuckle, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm, 5 reels; 4,800 ft. Archive: USW.

A Woman of the World. Dir.: Malcolm St. Clair, sc.: Pierre Collings (Famous Players-Lasky Corp. US 1925) cas.: Pola Negri, Charles Emmett Mack, Chester Conklin, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 16mm, 7 reels; 6,353 ft. Archive : BEB, USM, USL, USR, AUC.

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So This is Paris. Dir.: Ernst Lubitsch, adp.: Hans Kraly (Warner Bros. Pictures US 1926) cas.: Monte Blue, Patsy Ruth Miller, Lilyan Tashman, Myrna Loy, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm, 7 reels; 6,135 ft. Archive: ITG, USW, USM, GBB, USC, BEB, USL, FRC, AUC.

The Timid Terror. Dir.: Del Andrews, sc.: Gerald C. Duffy (R-C Pictures US 1926) cas.: George O’Hara, Edith Yorke, Doris Hill, George Nichols, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 5 reels. Archive: BEB.

Young April. Dir.: Donald Crisp, sc.: Jeanie Macpherson, Douglas Doty (DeMille Pictures Corp. US 1926) cas.: Joseph Schildkraut, Rudolph Schildkraut, Bessie Love, Bryant Washburn, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 16mm, 7 reels; 6,858 ft. Archive: FRB, USR, ROB, USL, ESB, FRN, FRL.

His First Flame. Dir.: Harry Edwards, st.: Arthur Ripley, Frank Capra (Mack Sennett Productions US 1927) cas.: Harry Langdon, Natalie Kingston, Ruth Hiatt, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm, 5 reels; 4,700 ft. Archive: ITG, USW, USL, FRL.

The King of Kings. Prod./dir.: Cecil B. DeMille, sc.: Jeanie Macpherson (DeMille Pictures US 1927) cas.: H.B. Warner, Dorothy Cumming, Ernest Torrence, Joseph Schildkraut, Jacqueline Logan, Julia Faye, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm, 18 reels. Archive: BEB, ITG, USR, USW, ITN, ROB, USL, GBB, YUB, USF, FRL.

The Shamrock and the Rose. Dir.: Jack Nelson, sc: Isadore Bernstein (Chadwick Pictures Corp. US 1927) cas.: Mack Swain, Olive Hasbrouck, Edmund Burns, Maurice Costello, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm, 6,700 ft. Archive: USW.

Celebrity. Dir.: Tay Garnett, sc.: Tay Garnett, George Dromgold (Pathé Exchange, Inc. US 1928) cas.: Robert Armstrong, Clyde Cook, Lina Basquette, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35 mm, 7 reels; 6,145 ft. Archive: USW, USM.

Should a Girl Marry? (trailer). Dir.: Scott Pembroke (Trem Carr Productions US 1928) cas.: Helen Foster, Donald Keith, William V. Mong, Andy Clyde, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35mm. Archive: USW.

Foolish Husbands. Dir.: Phil Whitman (Sennett-Pathe Exchange US 1929) cas.: Billy Bevan, Dot Farley, Vernon Dent, si, b&w. Archive: NLA.

Marquis Preferred. Dir.: Frank Tuttle (Famous Players-Lasky Corp. US 1929) cas.: Adolphe Menjou, Nora Lane, Chester Conklin, Dot Farley, si, b&w, 16 mm, 6 reels; 5,506 ft. Archive: USW.

2. Dot Farley as Actress and Screenwriter

Even Unto Death. Sc.: Dot Farley (Albuquerque Film Co US 1914) cas.: Dot Farley, si, b&w. Archive: GBB.

Soul Mates. Dir.: Gilbert P. Hamilton, sc.: Dot Farley (Joseph Griggs Productions US 1914) cas.: Dot Farley, si, b&w, 35 mm, 1 reel; 893 ft. Archive: USW.

B. Filmography: Not Extant Titles:

1. Dot Farley as Actress

The Harem Skirt, 1911; The Peril of the Plains, 1912; A Dollar Did It, 1913; The Hubby’s Job, 1913; The Price of Crime, 1914; Home Talent, 1921; The Enemy Sex, 1924; The Fatal Mistake, 1924; My Son, 1925; Border Intrigue, 1925; Yours to Command, 1927.

2. Dot Farley as Actress and Screenwriter

False Pride Has a Fall, 1914; The Lust of the Red Man, 1914; Aunt Matilda Outwitted, 1915; Buy, Buy Baby!, 1915; Her New Yob, 1915; Louisa’s Battle With Cupid, 1915; Misplaced Twins, 1915; The Near Capture of Jesse James, 1915; She Couldn’t Get Away With It, 1915; Wheeled Into Matrimony, 1915; A Woman’s Way, 1915; Inherited Passions/Are Passions Inherited?, 1916.

Credit Report

Dot Farley’s credits as a screenwriter are incomplete. According to a news item in Motion Picture World, Farley wrote all of the films that she made for the Albuquerque Film Company as well as Luna Films, a subdivision of Albuquerque. This filmography also has some inconsistencies. Even Unto Death is listed as 1915 in FIAF, but does not list her as writer, while Paul Spher lists the film as 1914, but does list her as author. It is uncertain if Soul Mates is extant as the record on FIAF is incomplete and lists inconsistent information. The Library of Congress online catalog lists Farley as a writer, but her name is followed by a question mark. Matrimony Blues is listed in FIAF as being directed by Lex Neal, while it’s listed as being directed by Benjamin Stoloff in AFI. AFI, but not FIAF, credits Farley for: The Acquittal, Tea:With a Kick!, The Enemy Sex, Listen Lester, The Signal Tower, The Timid Terror, The Shamrock and the Rose, Celebrity, Should a Girl Marry?, and Marquis Preferred. Neither FIAF nor AFI credits Farley for Peeping Pete, but her name is listed in The Braff Silent Short Film Working Papers.    


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