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Working Partnerships

Husband-Wife Team:

Mary Jobe Akeley —  Carl Jobe Akeley

*Leah Baird (actress-writer) — Arthur F. Beck (producer)

* Bessie Barriscale (actress-producer) — Howard Hickman (actor-director)

Cora Beach (writer) — Walter Shumway (writer)

Dwinelle Benthall (writer) — Rufus McGosh (writer)

Clara Beranger (writer) — William deMille (writer)

Ouida Bergère (writer) — George Fitzmaurice (director)

Pauline Bush — William Dowlan

*Lillian Chester (writer-producer) — George Randolph Chester (writer-producer)

Frances Hubbard Flaherty — Robert Flaherty

*Gene Gauntier (actress-writer-director-producer) — Sydney Olcott (actor-director-producer)

*Gene Gauntier (actress-writer-director-producer) — Jack C. Clarke (actor-director)

Eloyce Gist (editor) — James Gist (director-writer-producer)

*Ethel Grandin (actress) — Ray Smallwood (cinematographer-director)

*Alice Guy-Blaché (director-producer) —  Herbert Blaché (director-producer)

Ella Hall – Robert Z. Leonard

*Gale Henry (comedienne-writer-producer) —  Bruno J. Becker (producer)

Katharine Hilliker  — H. H. Caldwell (editors, producers)

*Helen Holmes (actress) — J. P. McGowan (director)

Osa Johnson (producer, cinematographer) —  Martin Johnson (producer, director)

Agnes Christine Johnston (writer) — Frank Mitchell Dazey (writer-director)

*Florence Lawrence (actress-producer) — Harry Salter (actor-producer)

*Marion Leonard (actress-producer) — Stanner E. V. Taylor (director)

*Anita Loos (writer) — John Emerson (director-writer)

Hope Loring (writer) — Louis “Buddy” Lighton (writer-producer)

Josephine Lovett (writer) — John S. Robertson (director)

Sarah Y. Mason (writer) — Victor Heerman (writer)

*Lucille McVey (actress-director-producer) — Sidney Drew (actor-director-producer)

Bess Meredyth (writer) — Wilfred Lucas (actor-director)

* Mae Murray (actress) — Robert Z. Leonard (director)

*Ida May Park (writer-director) — Joseph DeGrasse (director)

Dorothy Phillips (actress) — Allen Holubar (director-writer)

*Mary Pickford (actress-producer) with Douglas Fairbanks, D. W. Griffith, and Charles Chaplin

*Josephine Rector (writer) — Hal Angus (director)

*Lillian Case Russell (writer) — John Lowell (actor-writer)

Alice B. Russell (actress-producer) — Oscar Micheaux (director-producer)

Florence Ryerson (writer) — Colin Clements (writer)

*Norma Talmadge (actress-producer) — Joseph M. Schneck (producer)

Alice Terry (actress) — Rex Ingram (director)

*Gertrude Thanhouser (actress-writer-producer) — Edwin Thanhouser (producer)

Rosemary Theby — Robert Henley

*Mrs. M. Webb (writer) — Miles M. Webb (producer)

*Lois Weber (actress-writer-director-producer) and Phillips Smalley (actor-producer)

*Madame E. Touissant Welcome — E. Touissant Welcome (co-producers)

*Kathlyn Williams (actress-producer) — Charles Eyton (producer)

*Maria P. Williams (writer-producer) — Jesse L. Williams (producer)

Elsie Jane Wilson (actress-director-writer) — Rupert Julian (director)

*Clara Kimball Young (actress-producer) — Harry Garson (director-producer)

Dorothy Yost (writer) — Dwight Cummings (writer)

Relationship Unknown:

*Beatriz Michelena (actress-producer) and George Middleton (director)

Never-Married Couple:

*Gale Henry (actress-producer) — Bruno J. Becker

*Helen Gardner (actress-producer) — Charles L. Gaskill (writer-director)

*Jane Murfin (writer) and Larry Trimble (actor-director-producer)

*Nell Shipman (actress-writer-director) — Bert Van Tuyle (director)

*Florence Turner (actress-director-producer) — Larry Trimble (actor-director-producer)

Fake Marriage:

*Marie Dressler (actress-producer) — Jim Dalton (business manager)

Team, Not Romantic Couple:

Sada Cowan (writer) — Howard Higgin (writer)

*Grace Cunard (actress-writer-director) — Francis Ford (actor-director)

*Gene Gauntier (actress-writer-director-producer) — Sydney Olcott (actor-director-producer)

Julia Crawford Ivers (writer) — William Desmond Taylor (director)

* Indicates started production company together. Note: See Women’s Production and Pre-Production Companies for dates and company names

Selected Bibliography

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