Women Film Pioneers Project features silent-era producers, directors, co-directors, scenario writers, scenario editors, camera operators, title writers, editors, costume designers, exhibitors, and more to make the point that they were not just actresses.

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  • Hippodrome Silent Film Festival, Bo’ness, Scotland, March 20-24, 2019

      Scotland’s first and only silent film festival, HippFest, is back from March 20-24, 2019! Events include a screening of The Blot (Lois Weber, 1921) introduced by Pamela Hutchinson and an illustrated talk by WFPP contributor Lawrence Napper on the changing role of women in the workplace in relation to the silent film Hindle Wakes (1927) For »

  • Two-Disc DVD Set Release: The Alice Howell Collection, March 5, 2019

      The Alice Howell Collection comes out March 5, 2019! With new musical scores composed and performed by Ben Model! From the press release: “ALICE HOWELL, FORGOTTEN FUNNY LADY OF THE SILENT SCREEN, FEATURED IN NEW TWO-DISC DVD SET OF  REDISCOVERED AND NEWLY RESTORED COMEDY SHORTS. Undercrank Productions Teams with Library of Congress  To Bring »

  • Film Series: “William Fox Presents: More Restorations and Rediscoveries from the Fox Film Corporation,” MoMA, March 1-26, 2019

      “William Fox Presents: More Restorations and Rediscoveries from the Fox Film Corporation” Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY March 1-26, 2019 From MoMA’s website: “Following last summer’s three-week program of rarely seen Fox films, here is another selection of Fox gems from the MoMA vault, including new digital restorations of several important titles, »

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Filmens Vovehals (1923): a promotional film meant to highlight the daring stunts performed by Danish actress, daredevil, and screenwriter Emile Sannom. 

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